Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If we talk about business, appearance means more than many of us realize. This is why you need to keep your office and commercial establishments carpets clean. One thing to keep in mind, you’re paying for the number of people-hours it takes to maintain your carpets.

Master Clean Carpet LLC. offers both one-time and regular maintenance cleaning programs for your commercial carpets. It’s time to get the following benefits finally:

  • Maintain your carpet’s rich color and texture
  • Promote a consistent carpet appearance
  • Reduce wear, especially in high traffic areas
  • Extend the life of your carpet investment

Plus, we’ll work with you on cost!

Residential Carpet Cleaning

If we say we’ll bring your residential carpets back to life, we’ll do it! Honesty is one of our main cores, and we stick to it to keep our customers happy and glad to be part of our family. In addition to this, you need a neat environment to live with comfort.

We don’t just clean your carpets. We like to do an integral job on them. That’s why we begin our carpet cleaning service with a complete analysis of your carpet, any heavily-soiled or high-traffic areas. This helps us to determine what exact procedure to implement on them.

What happens when we arrive?

  • Pre-inspection of the rooms and/or items to be cleaned, noting any heavily soiled areas or traffic patterns.
  • Discuss the process with you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Pre-treat any areas of concern to ensure the most thorough cleaning.
  • Clean the entire area using our exclusive hot water extraction method.
  • Apply deodorizer or protector as requested, and groom the carpet.
  • Return your furniture to its original location, placing protective pads underneath.

Isn’t this a professional outline? Get in touch with us to schedule a free estimate and get the benefits of dependability and professionalism.

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